Knawdy Body Art

Knawdy body art is inspired by Joel Alverez who created the Black Tape Project.  For the last 10 Years, Jake and Kelly Bertelsen have tattooed art on peoples bodies at Bertelsen Tattoo in Montana.  For the last two years they have also been creating body art on nude models.

"Joel has created something really amazing, a new form of art.  It's bold. It's brave.  It's against the grain and there's a beauty to that.  It's the same thing that drew me to tattooing.  Not everyone sees it as art, but we do!   I love that, and I respect everyone who has the courage to create non classical art.  If it's outside the realm of classical art then it's rebel art.  The people who create and support rebel art are my favorite people.

That's why we created Knawdy... To support rebel artists and to inspire others to create rebel art.  There's so many people that want to create art but they're afraid to because of what others will think.  It was really hard for us to start and we learned a lot.  We're here to lend a hand and make it a little easier for everyone else.  We're doing this to show you that you don't have to be afraid.  There is an amazing life waiting for you if you just have the courage to pursue your honest dreams."

-Jake Bertelsen